Stranger Things Season 4 Blaster (zerocool 2023)

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Introducing zerocool's Stranger Things 4 trading cards! Highlighting the record-breaking Stranger Things 4, collectors and fans will not want to miss out on this product.

Experience zerocool's take on Stranger Things trading cards and collect Vecna's Curse lenticular cards, rare parallels and other awsome inserts.

Product Breakdown:

Base: Collect all 100 cards telling the story of Stranger Things 4

Base Parallels:

  • 1986 Pink Parallel (numbered to 86)
  • Eleven Blue Parallel (numbered to 11)
  • Vecna Red Parallel (numbered to1)

Inserts: Find exciting inserts expanding on fan favorite and pivotal moments from Stranger Things 4!

Vecna's Curse Lenticulars: Lenticular cards depicting characters under Vecna's Curse.

Upside Down: Layered PETG cards highlighting key moments that took place in the Upside Down. Find Numbered Variants!

Hail Lord Vecna: Focusing on the main antagonist in Stanger Things. Look for Numbered Variants!

Coming Soon! Video Store Ads: Video Store Ads highlighting the many dangers the characters encounter in Stranger Things 4.

Quotes: Featuring fan favorite quotes heard throughout the Season.

Rare Autographs and Relics from the Upside Down!

Relics From The Upside Down: Find Screen Used and Production Used relics from Stranger Things 4!

Signature Cards (Solo & Du): Find autographed cards from your favorite actors!


  • 1986 Pink Parallel (numbered to 86)
  • Eleven Blue Parallel (numbered to 11)
  • Vecna Red Parallel (numbered to 1)
  • Keep a look out for rare Cassette Tape Autographs & Most Metal Signatures!

Configuration: 7 Packs per Box, 6 Cards per Pack